The Friends of Goostrey Station check the Station, and its surrounding area, twice daily for faults, damage, dangers and crime.  ​These are reported to British Transport Police, Northern, Cheshire East Council or Goostrey Parish Council immediately.

14 June 2017

Glass of Victorian lantern on display at the Station smashed.  

British Transport Police Reference:  453140617

14 June 2017

Edging stone of northbound platform needs urgently replacing / recementing.  

Northern Fault Reference:  NFM00029571

06 June 2017

Timetables in incorrect poster cases, and confusingly disorganised.  

Northern Fault Reference:  TBA

04 June 2017

Primary School display in Southbound waiting area substantially vandalised.

British Transport Reference:  1700037589

​​10 March 2017

Abandoned car in car park.

Escalated to Northern Area Manager.

​Chased 09 April 2017 for an update.  
Chased 06 June 2017 for further update.  
Chased 15 June 2017.
05 February 2017

Graffiti on Station Building.  Removed but Building still needs repainting.

British Transport Reference:  164
Northern Fault Reference:  TBA

09 January 2017

Leak in Southbound Waiting Room.

Northern Fault Reference: NFM00017229
05 December 2016

Edge lines on Staircase need repainting.

Northern Fault Reference:  NFM00015309

Update on 10 January 2017:  on hold due to the weather.