1. Platform view
    Platform view
    Platform 2 looking out on to Twemlow Green
  2. Beams
    Original Victorian beams supporting original wooden canopy.
  3. Night
    Platform 1
  4. Station Road
    Station Road
    The journey to the Station
  5. Fields
    Scenery on the way to the Station.
  6. Waiting Shelter
    Waiting Shelter
    Platform 1
  7. Cycle Loops
    Cycle Loops
  8. Staircase
  9. Platform 2 waiting shelter
    Platform 2 waiting shelter
    Setting for regular displays from Goostrey School
  10. Goostrey Staff
    Goostrey Staff
    A long, long time ago!
  11. Art Display
    Art Display
  12. Art Display
    Art Display
  13. Goostrey Station, 1935
    Goostrey Station, 1935
  14. Station Master John Georgeson at Station House, 1935
    Station Master John Georgeson at Station House, 1935
  15. Keystone in 1979
    Keystone in 1979
  16. Sign
  17. Award to long serving staff member
    Award to long serving staff member
  18. Signal Box
    Signal Box
  19. Christopher Ashmore
    Christopher Ashmore
    Long serving staff member
  20. Christopher Ashmore
    Christopher Ashmore
    Goostrey Signal Box
  21. Goostrey Sidings
    Goostrey Sidings
  22. Good old days
    Good old days
  23. View from Signal Box
    View from Signal Box
  24. Christopher Ashmore
    Christopher Ashmore
    43 Years Service Certificate
  25. Goostrey Won!
    Goostrey Won!